Bold Releases are still in print

SAL-001 Mumbler "The Winter of Our Discontent" 7"
SAL-002 Various Artists "The War on Terrorism" 7"
SAL-003 Mumbler "Patience" Cassette
SAL-004 The Gibbons "The Gibbons" 7"
SAL-005 North Lincoln "North Lincoln" CDep
SAL-006 Rivethead / Caulfield split 7" (test press only)
SAL-007 The Gibbons "Hope, Inc" LP/CD
SAL-008 The Hartford Whalers "Demo!" CD
SAL-009 Hot New Mexicans "It's Called Leaning Back" LP/CD
SAL-010 Karate for Kids / Frame split 7"

SAL-011 Drunken Boat "Turn It" 7"
SAL-012 Drunken Boat / Bent Outta Shape split 7"
SAL-013 One Reason "Mountains" 7"
SAL-014 The Measure (SA) "Historical Fiction" LP
SAL-015 Lemuria / Frame split 7"
SAL-016 North Lincoln / The Gibbons split 7"
SAL-017 Drunken Boat "Drunken Boat" LP
SAL-018 One Reason / The Because split 7"
SAL-019 Modern Machines / The Ergs split 7"
SAL-020 Dirty Looks / Bossy split 7"
SAL-021 Modern Machines / The Measure (SA) split 7"

SAL-022 Drunken Boat / Blotto split 7"
SAL-023 Potboiler "Izzy Alcantara" 7"
SAL-024 The Urchin / Monikers split 7"
SAL-025 Unwelcome Guests / Orphan Choir
SAL-026 The Measure (SA) "Means to an End" 7"

SAL-027 Used Kids "Hovercraft" 7"
SAL-028 The State Lottery "Cities We're Not From" LP
SAL-029 Halo Fauna "Durak" LP
SAL-030 Witches "Witches" 7"
SAL-031 Little Lungs "Hoist Me Up" 7"
SAL-032 Wormburner "Wormburner" 7"
SAL-033 PS Eliot "Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds" LP

SAL-034 Hop Along "Wretches" 10"
SAL-035 Used Kids "Yeah, No" LP
SAL-036 Delay "Plain Language" LP
SAL-037 The Hadituptoheres "Wild City, Honest Dancing" LP

SAL-038 Little Lungs "Living Hell" 7"
SAL-039 The State Lottery "When The Night Comes" LP
SAL-040 Thousandaires "Million Dollar Moves, Two Dollar Shot" 7"
SAL-041 PS Eliot "Sadie" LP
SAL-042 Cara Beth Satalino "The Good Ones" LP
SAL-043 The State Lottery "Fistfuls of Sand" 7"
SAL-044 Swearin' "Swearin'" LP/CD
SAL-045 The Ambulars "Dreamers Asleep at The Wheel" LP
SAL-046 Jason Anderson "Omaha" LP
SAL-047 Radiator Hospital "Something Wild" LP
SAL-048 Various Artists "Guided By Voices Tribute" 7"
SAL-049 All Dogs "All Dogs" 7"
SAL-050 Potboiler "Rolling Boil" LP
SAL-051 Gateway District "Partial Traces" 12"
SAL-052 Swearin' "Surfing Strange" LP
SAL-053 Great Thunder "Groovy Kinda Love" 2xLP
SAL-054 Mapmaker "Critical Path" LP
SAL-055 Delay "Circle Change" LP
SAL-056 Martha "Courting Strong" LP
SAL-057 Swearin' "What A Dump" 12"
SAL-058 Radiator Hospital "Torch Song" LP
SAL-059 Joyride! "Bodies of Water" LP
SAL-060 Hey Hallways "Absence Makes The Heart Forget" 12"
SAL-061 Outer Spaces "Garbage Beach" 12"
SAL-062 Bonny Doon "Bonny Doon" 7"
SAL-063 Attendant "Freaking Out" 12"
SAL-064 The Goodbye Party "Silver Blues" LP
SAL-065 Try The Pie "Domestication" LP
SAL-066 All Dogs "Kicking Every Day" LP
SAL-067 Acid Fast "Last Night on Earth" LP
SAL-068 High Dive "New Teeth" LP
SAL-069 Purple Seven "Garden Eyes" LP
SAL-070 Dyke Drama "Tender Resignation" 12"
SAL-071 Swanning "Drawing Down The Moon" 12"
SAL-072 The Afterglows "The Afterglows" LP
SAL-073 Dyke Drama "Up Against The Bricks" LP
SAL-074 Joyride! "Half Moon Bay" LP
SAL-075 P.S. Eliot "Living In Squalor" 12"
Whelmed "Whelmed" 7"
SAL-077 Jeffrey Beaumont "Girls at the Mall" 12"
SAL-078 Marge "Bruise Easy" LP
SAL-079 Bonny Doon "Bonny Doon" LP
SAL-080 Clevinger "Personal / Professional" LP
SAL-081 Strawberry Runners "In The Garden, In The Night" 12"
SAL-082 Partial Traces "Glass Beach" LP
SAL-083 SOAR "dark / gold" LP
SAL-084 Radiator Hospital "Play The Songs You Like" LP
SAL-085 ONSIND "We Wilt, We Bloom" LP
SAL-086 Squill "Bury It" LP
SAL-087 Missing Earth "Gold, Flour, Salt" LP
SAL-088 Peach Pit "Live At Jumbo's" LP
SAL-089 Distants "Distants 7"
SAL-090 Fleabite "NVM" 12"
SAL-091 Radiator Hospital "sings 'Music for Daydreaming'" LP
SAL-092 Notches "Almost Ruined Everything" LP
SAL-093 Brave Hands "To End All Worth" LP
SAL-094 Dyke Drama "Hard New Pills" 12"
SAL-095 Distants "ii" 12"
SAL-096 Big Nothing "Chris" LP
SAL-097 Vacation "Zen Quality Seed Crystal" 12"
SAL-098 Friend Of My Youth "Telling" LP
SAL-099 Freezing Cold "Shimmer" LP
SAL-100 Backtalk "Where The White Kids Play" 7"
SAL-101 Partial Traces "Low Definition" LP
SAL-102 Notches "New Kinda Love" LP
SAL-103 bauwaves "u r everything" LP
SAL-104 Jason Anderson "Restless" LP
SAL-105 Second Narrows "Second Narrows" LP
SAL-106 Night Shop "The Fountain" 12"
SAL-107 Quaker Wedding "In Fountain" LP
SAL-108 Partial Traces "Ghosts of the Sounds" 7"
SAL-109 Calyx "Stay Gone" LP
SAL-110 Vacation "Existential Risks & Returns" LP
SAL-111 Partial Traces "Wild Surf / Quiet Blues" LP
SAL-112 Freezing Cold "New Ways To Wait" 7"
SAL-113 Joyride! "Miracle Question" LP
SAL-114 Quaker Wedding "Total Disarray" LP

SAL-115 Delay "Songs for Money" LP
SAL-116 Jason Anderson "First Light" LP
SAL-117 Grassface "Skinwalker" 12"
SAL-119 Partial Traces "Stay Dreaming" LP
SAL-120 Radiator Hospital "Can't Make Any Promises" LP
SAL-121 Lazy Sunday "Another Summer" LP
SAL-122 Distants "LP" LP
SAL-123 Carb on Carb "Take Time" LP