Bonny Doon
Bonny Doon 7"
The Goodbye Party
Silver Blues LP
Freaking Out 12"
Outer Spaces
Garbage Beach 12"
Radiator Hospital
Torch Song LP
What a Dump 12"
Critical Path LP
Gateway District
Partial Traces 12"
Great Thunder
Groovy Kinda Love 2xLP
All Dogs
All Dogs 7
Various Artists
Guided By Voices Tribute 7"
Radiator Hospital
Something Wild LP
Jason Anderson
Omaha LP
Rolling Boil LP
Swearin' CD
Swearin' LP
The State Lottery
Fistfuls of Sand 7"
Cara Beth Satalino
The Good Ones LP
P.S. Eliot
Sadie LP
Hot New Mexicans
Its Called Leaning Back LP
The State Lottery
When The Night Comes LP
The Hadituptoheres
Wild City, Honest Dancing LP
Used Kids
Yeah No LP
Wormburner 7"
Witches 7"
Halo Fauna
Durak LP
The State Lottery
Cities We're Not From LP
The Measure [sa]
Means to an End 7"
Unwelcome Guests
split with Orphan Choir 7"
Dirty Looks
split with Bossy 7"
Modern Machines
split with Ergs 7"
One Reason
Mountains 7"
Hot New Mexicans
It's Called Leaning Back CD
The Gibbons
Hope, Inc. CD
North Lincoln
North Lincoln CD