October 2014

The new Outer Spaces 12" entitled "Garbage Beach" is out now and the band will have them on their US tour.

Philadelphia's The Goodbye Party's first LP "Silver Blues" is in on its way to be made into records and should be out later this fall.   

Same for Philadelphia's Attendant, whose one-sided 12" "Freaking Out" will be done in limited run. 

Also being sent out this month is the debut 7" by Bonny Doon, a four-piece from Detroit.  That record should also be out later this fall.  

Somewhere down the line, Acid Fast from the Bay Area will have a 7" split released by Salinas and Stupid Bag Records.

Sam of Radiator Hospital is doing some solo shows with Allison Crutchfield, who just released "Lean Into It" and Waxahatchee

All Dogs, who are planning to record and LP this winter are doing a short October tour to the Fest in Florida with the Sidekicks

Delay, is working on a November US Tour, and the prospective dates are listed here.