June 2014

Test presses for Radiator Hospital's second LP "Torch Song" have been approved and the record is up for pre-order now.  Just like last year, LPs will ship in mid-August. The band is planning a west-coast tour for September.

The second Joyride! LP "Bodies of Water" has been mastered and is awaiting test presses.  The plan is for that record to be out by mid September when the band departs for tour.

All Dogs are leaving for a west-coast tour on July 31st.  You can see the tour dates here

Outer Spaces, from Baltimore, are finishing a 12" EP that should be out in the fall for a US tour and The Goodbye Party's first LP is in the final stages of production and should be out this fall.  Also this fall, Acid Fast from the Bay Area will have a 7" split released by Salinas and Stupid Bag Records.